Rotate's fourth release brings back, once again, a collaborative project between two in-house artists that share a strong vision about music, how it should be created and ultimately, experienced: French artist Leiris, and Italian talent Lapucci.

In a connection that seemed instantaneous, Patrice and Mattia joined forces in 2017 over two long and very efficient studio sessions that culminated in a collection of musical treats that speak on behalf of their own personal vision of contemporary dance music. “Shadows Talk” is Lapucci & Leiris's debut on Rotate, and it comprises four micro-housey cuts heavy on detailed percussion, mind-bending bass and cosmic synths.

The EP kicks off in dreamy tones with ‘The Trail’ (A1), a psychedelic minimal roller of precise drum-programming, computeroid bleeps, eerie arpeggios and shuffling hats. The title track ‘Shadows Talk’ (A2) moves towards a warmer palette, with a steady bass that's as mellow as it is deep, snappy break-beat drums and a pad full of nostalgia. The scatterbrained ‘Beyond’ (B1) is the EP's most percussive cut, with a more frantic and ultimately cosmic vibe than the rest of the tunes, relying on elastic bass stabs and oscillating synths and showing a very peculiar mastery of balance between rhythm and melody. "Free Zone" (B2) closes the EP in a very distinct but equally galactic tone: a disco-infused, light-hearted composition, un-shamefully directed towards a bouncy dancefloor.

This is the world of Leiris and Lapucci as one. As playful as it is serious, this four tracker takes you to a place as loyal to their sound as it is to their personalities, which is what ultimately makes this collaboration so exciting. A sonic journey that, due to the fluidity of their connection, will soon be repeated. Cosmic artwork and design by Max Binski, who is slowly adding more and more color to the imprint’s vinyl sleeves.