After showcasing individual talents in its first compilation, Rotate’s second release opens the co-working space and begins a series of releases with the sole objective of engaging its in-house artists in spontaneous collaborations and collective thinking.

Cleymoore and Andrea Cichecki joined Rotate’s roster about a year ago and immediately found a common ground where their views and obsessions towards music, sound-design and all its mind-bending possibilities could be shared and explored.

“The Continuum Hypothesis” is the result of this co-exploration: Two fully formed eco-systems where both their worlds found a natural way to co-exist and balance each other, and the end result is what most of their followers would expect from such collaboration. Hypothesis I & II are, as predicted, two long excursions of highly-hypnotic yet slightly lunatic experimentations. Razor-sharp beat programming and wild sound-design are key, but there’s a clearly thoughtful attitude towards the functionality of both works either at home or the biggest club sound-system.

‘Hypothesis I’ is a warm, emotional arrangement that works perfectly as their first musical statement, and ultimately the most easy-listening option on the table. There’s a peculiar character in both low and high-ends of the arrangement where microscopic shuffling seems to do the trick for its rolling groove, and the ever-mutating melodic arrangement give the overall palette a slightly jazzy and pleasingly warm vibe.

The flip-side ‘Hypothesis II’ changes the game and adopts a free-styled, hypnosis-inducing approach where minimalism and repetition do all the mind-tricks. There’s micro-rhythmic structures intertwined with warm analog tones, a gloomy yet seductive atmosphere and a full-toned low-end for full effect. Elements communicate and move in a very liquid, organic way yet never losing drive.

This is the world of Bruno and Andrea as one. Provocative yet focused, this double-tracker was built to get lost in time and space, hypothetically continuous, just as they envisioned it.