Loopdeville started producing in the beginning of the 2k and dj-ing came naturally after that.

Early electronic music influences were local club Comics, Varna, Bulgaria listening to artists like Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Audio Soul Project, Joey Youngman, H-Foundation, DJ Ali, Silicon Soul etc in the 90s shaped his current sound which is a mix of dusty, old school break beats to current minimal, techno, jazz infused tracks.

After releasing for labels like Body Parts, Karton, Delooped, OdD Music, Moss Co, Rotate, Deyan has kept a low profile for much of his career, touring only occasionally while remaining an active producer.

In the past 10 years he has played in countries like Switzerland, Spain, Gibraltar, Germany, UK, Romania, played also on festivals like Meadows In The Mountains plus other Open Airs around Europe.

His aesthetic has arguably been best showcased in his standout mixes, with efforts for Introspections (Half Is Enough), Project London Radio and Meoko in more recent years.