denis kaznacheev



Russian producer Denis Kaznacheev has received a healthy level of acclaim and attention as co-founder of the label Nervmusic and as one half of Easy Changes.
Now producing and playing solo, his pensive sounds waves subtle grooves in amongst discordant synth blasts, electronic bleeps and whirrs, tripped-out FX and tinges of organic instrumentation creating a fascinating juxtaposition and can best be described as “Al Capone” sound. He’s producing faster than the “speed of light with releases on respected labels like Minibar, Aeternum, Arbartik & Only 300 Family to name a few. Catch him playing as Resident for Epizode Festival & The Volks and well known venues & festivals allover the world like Concrete, Gazgolder, Arma, Mioritmik, Sunwaves, Signal and Fuse.

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