david gluck

Born and raised in Paris, David Gluck first came to electronic music at age 16. After a couple of years attending every house party and rave he could, he bought his first records and turntables. Meanwhile, he and his friends started organising their own events and had quite some success with their small-scale events.

In 1999 David choose to join forces with his friend Cabanne when he joined Logistic Records in order to work on the new sublabel Telegraph. 1999 is also the date of birth of the UltraKurt project created along with Cabanne, which will spawn a first release on Telegraph two years later, followed by a few others on Telegraph, Logistic, Perlon, Foundsound and finally Minibar.
During these years, David also released as Spasm on Telegraph's "Post Office" compilations.

In the fall of 2003, Gluck decided to move to Berlin. The following summer he joined the resident Dj team at the Club Der Visionaere and is put in charge of the clubs program. Alongside David produced only little music during his Berlin stay, except for a Robert Hood remix along with Cabanne (as UltraKurt) for Logistic Records, a few remixes and a track for Minibar's first own label Compilation "Milkshake" as well as 2 solo EP's on Minibar.